Introduction: Andrew Fedorowicz of Balance Architecture, an architect specializing in period restorations and major renovations, values efficiency above all else in his line of work. To expedite his design and documentation processes, he relies on modern technology, particularly Tegatech’s Tega V2 Windows 7 tablet.

Challenges Faced: In architectural restoration, time is of the essence. Fedorowicz needed a solution that would streamline his measure-ups, documentation, and communication with builders while onsite, without sacrificing accuracy or reliability.

Implementation: Fedorowicz adopted the Tega V2 tablet for its compatibility with Sitemaster software, allowing him to quickly measure buildings using a Bluetooth-enabled laser measure and generate drawings on-the-go. The tablet’s lightweight design and responsive touchscreen facilitated easy access to documentation and simplified communication with builders.

Key Features:

  • Windows 7 Compatibility: The tablet’s Windows 7 operating system seamlessly integrates with Fedorowicz’s existing software, enhancing productivity.
  • Portability: Weighing only 1kg and measuring 25mm thick, the Tega V2 tablet is lightweight and compact, making it practical for onsite use.
  • Multi-Touch Display: The tablet’s 10.1-inch multi-touch display enables intuitive navigation and zooming for detailed examination of architectural plans.

Results: By leveraging the Tega V2 tablet, Fedorowicz estimates saving approximately four hours on an average house project, equating to half a day’s work. The tablet’s efficiency has allowed him to expedite measure-ups, access documentation instantly, and resolve issues on-site, ultimately maximizing his productivity and profitability.

Customer Service: Tegatech’s exemplary customer service further enhances the value of the tablet for Fedorowicz’s business. Their prompt assistance with compatibility issues and personalized support ensure that Fedorowicz gets the most out of his tablet, reinforcing its status as an invaluable asset to his workflow.

Conclusion: For Andrew Fedorowicz, the Tega V2 tablet has become an indispensable tool in his architectural restoration projects. Its seamless integration with existing software, portability, and responsive touchscreen have enabled him to optimize his workflow, save time, and enhance communication with stakeholders. With Tegatech’s ongoing support, Fedorowicz can continue to rely on the tablet to meet the demands of his fast-paced industry.

Andrew Fedorowicz F.A.I.A

Andrew is a highly experienced Architect with over 30 years in Architectural Design and construction, administration and drafting. Andrew represents the upper echelon of his profession.

With advanced computer and IT literacy, refined CAD skills, a comprehensive understanding of structural engineering and associated disciplines, Andrew is capable of managing projects of all types.

He has extensive experience in problem solving construction issues and a comprehensive understanding and knowledge of Building Contract Law. Andrew draws upon extensive archival material and electronic filing enabling him to provide a service level of the highest standard. Experience matters and with over 320 projects completed over his career, Andrew is well prepared to provide you with vision, knowledge and complete competency.