Jon Dee, Co-Founder of Planet Ark and NSW Australian of the Year 2010, is not only a passionate environmental campaigner but also a technology enthusiast. Recognizing the potential of tablets in reducing paper usage, Dee has been advocating for their adoption in various spheres, leveraging his experience with Tegatech’s TEGA v2 tablet to promote efficiency and sustainability.

Challenges Faced:
Dee identified the reliance on paper documents in meetings and work environments as a significant challenge, both in terms of environmental impact and efficiency. Seeking a solution that would enable electronic document management while retaining the intuitive interface of traditional paper, Dee turned to Tegatech for a suitable tablet solution.

Equipped with Tegatech’s TEGA v2 tablet, Dee seamlessly transitioned to electronic document management in meetings and work settings. With its lightweight design, multi-touch display, and Windows 7 compatibility, the TEGA v2 provided the perfect platform for interacting with electronic documents while retaining the familiarity of a fully-fledged computer.

Key Features:

  • Portability: Weighing just 870gm, the TEGA v2 tablet offered unparalleled portability, allowing Dee to carry it effortlessly to meetings and workspaces.
  • Multi-Touch Display: The tablet’s multi-touch display facilitated intuitive interaction with electronic documents, mimicking the experience of working with traditional paper.
  • Windows 7 Compatibility: Running on Windows 7, the TEGA v2 ensured seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure and software, enabling Dee to access familiar programs and corporate backends with ease.

By embracing electronic document management with the TEGA v2 tablet, Dee not only reduced paper usage but also enhanced time efficiency in meetings and work tasks. The tablet’s ability to quickly search and navigate through documents enabled Dee to locate key information in seconds, streamlining decision-making processes and improving overall productivity.

Customer Satisfaction:
Dee praised Tegatech for their expertise in the tablet space, emphasizing their role as the perfect partner for integrating tablet solutions with existing IT systems. Tegatech’s knowledge and support ensured a seamless transition to electronic document management, empowering Dee to leverage the full potential of the TEGA v2 tablet in his work environment.

Jon Dee’s experience with Tegatech’s TEGA v2 tablet underscores the transformative impact of tablets in reducing paper usage and enhancing efficiency in work environments. By leveraging the intuitive interface of tablets and the familiarity of Windows 7, organizations can embrace electronic document management while maximizing productivity and sustainability. With Tegatech’s expertise and support, the adoption of tablet solutions like the TEGA v2 holds promise for a more efficient and eco-friendly future.